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Holy Land Study Guide


This simple plan will prepare you spiritually to encounter God in the Holy Land!

  • Four centering prayers specific to your pilgrimage
  • Geography resources to help you understand the lay of the land in ancient and modern times
  • Scripture references for events in the Gospels listed by location. Just match the sites you’ll visit to the list.
  • History resources explaining the four key eras you’ll encounter on your trip – Biblical, Byzantine, Crusader, and Modern



  1. Preparation Worksheet- print as many as you need
  2. Map of Israel in the Time of Jesus
  3. Holy Land UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  4. Scripture references for commonly visited Biblical Sites from the Old Testament and Epistles
  5. Antonio Barluzzi, Architect of the Holy Land
  6. Keeping Up with the Herods
  7. Recommended Resources for Additional Study
  8. Reflection Questions for Journaling
  9. Packing List for your Day Bag for Visiting Sites

Immediate Digital Download. Full Color. 8.5 x 11 inches vertical format


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